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Together...Forever...? [Sequel to 'What I want'] Final

I just want to say thanks for ALL the comments I've been getting. Makes me so happy. So here is the second part. I hope it makes sense and I'm also hoping that it satisfies you all. Still dedicated to ssam_ssambecause the whole fic is for you, hun!!! ^_^


[Newspaper article the next day:::::

'Police officers arrived late afternoon at the 'Precious Treasures' jewelry shop here in Seoul, after having received an anonymous call of an armed robbery taking place. Three men, Oh Chil-su, Kang Shi-won, and Cho Hye-sung, were stopped before they were able to exit the shop with at least 100 million won in jewelry and cash. Two of the thieves, Kang and Cho, will be sentenced to 15 years in jail. The leader, Oh Chil-su, is being sentenced to 25 years to life, after being charged for the murder of just-rising actor, Park Yoochun and Mr. Park's partner, Kim Junsu.

Many remember Park Yoochun as 'Micky Yoochun', a member of the trio, DBSK, which debuted a few years ago but soon broke up due to the incident that two of the members came clean about being in a homosexual relationship. It was just two days ago, that Mr. Park himself admitted to also being in such a relationship with Kim Junsu.

Witnesses at the scene of the robbery and murder tell that before the thieves tried to exit the shop, the leader, Oh, had apparently recognized Mr. Park from the news the day before and pointed his gun at Mr. Park's lover, Kim Junsu. However, as the shot was fired, Mr. Park had jumped in front of Kim Junsu and took the bullet himself. After having said harsh words to Kim Junsu, who at the moment was said to be cradling Mr. Park's lifeless body in his arms, witnesses say the thief pulled the trigger a second time and shot Mr. Kim.

Our hearts are with Park Yoochun's and Kim Junsu's family and friends for we know they will surely be missed.' ]

'Now we can finally be together...

in a place where no one can judge or hurt us...



So there you have it! I hope it's okay and I hope you liked it,
Tags: fanfic, genre: angst, genre: romance, length: oneshot, pairing: yoosu
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