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Together...Forever...? [Sequel to 'What I want']

Kya!!! It's finally here! LOL. So I've finally been able to finish one of my promised sequels, and I know it was supposed to be Homin first, but I am Yoosu-biased and the idea for this came easier than for the other one. So yea. This is dedicated to dear ssam_ssambecause she gave me the idea of involving Yunjae and having them give advice. So yea. This is for you dear!! I'm sorry I made you wait long for it and I hope you like it!!!! If there are any spelling or gramatical errors, I'm sorry but it's late, I have a 6 paragraphy essay due tomorrow and I just seriously want to post this already. LOL. ^_^


“Yoochun-ssi, are you alright?”

No response from said man.

“Yoochun-ssi,” came the voice once more along with a slight shake on the shoulder.

“Huh?” Yoochun finally snapped out of his daze only to see the director, Kang Hyo-won, standing in front of him.

“Yoochun-ssi, are you feeling alright?” said director asked.

Yoochun slightly bowed and apologized. “I’m sorry, Mr. Kang. I’m really sorry but I’m not feeling so well at the moment. Would it be possible to take a small break?”

The director stayed silent for a minute until he spoke out loud, so everyone on the set could hear. “All right! Take 20!”

Yoochun bowed and thanked the director as the older male walked away.

“Hyung,” came the familiar voice of his friend-slash-personal assistant.

“Changmin,” Yoochun smiled as he took the water bottle being offered. “Thanks.”

“What’s wrong with you?” Shim Changmin worriedly asked.

“I’m having some problems at home.”

“Does it have to do with Junsu-hyung?”

“You’ve always been the observant one, haven’t you, maknae?” Yoochun teasingly asked as he playfully punched the younger, yet taller male.

“After knowing you for so long ago,” Changmin said, “I can tell what you’re being troubled over.”

Silence expanded between the two males until the younger one spoke in a hushed whisper, being aware of their surroundings. “Is Junsu-hyung still saying he wants to come clean about your relationship?”

“Yea,” the older male replied after taking a drink from the bottle in his hand. “I told him what could happen if we do come clean and he thinks I’m just exaggerating.”

“Why would you ever exaggerate over something like that?” Changmin asked. “Does he not remember what happened with Jae and Yunho-hyung?”

It had been a sunny day at the park where the two pairs, Yunho and Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, and Changmin had met at least six years ago, so though a few years had already passed, Changmin could still remember what had happened where the ‘Yunjae’ couple had come out of the closet.

“He does remember,” Yoochun replied. “But he just really wishes to come clean.”

“Well, what do you want?”

The older male heaved out a sigh. “Junsu and I have been a couple for the past four years now. I love him, I really do…and I mean…I guess I would like to be able to go on dates, hold him in public, kiss him underneath the rain or when we go to the beach. But…truth be told, I’m scared of what could happen. I…I don’t know if I could be strong enough to come clean and deal with the consequences. I don’t…I don’t want to risk coming clean and possible blame Su for what happens. I’m scared that I could actually put the blame on him and risk having him exit my life. I’m…I’m just scared of so many things like not being able to get a job anywhere, having my parents disown me, having people treat me as shit…but what I’m scared most of is possible hurting Junsu is everything goes wrong.”

As Yoochun hung his head low, Changmin could see that the older male was serious. “You know,” he said after deciding to go ahead and do what he was going to, “Yunho-hyung called me and told me they were coming over.”

The older male’s head shot up in surprise and asked, “He called you?”

Changmin nodded his head. “He called me this morning and said that they were on vacation on Jeju Island and that they felt like visiting before going back to America.”

“Yoochun-ssi!” came the director’s voice. “Are you ready to start again?”

“Yes, sir, I am!” Yoochun responded. “Changmin,” he said, turning to face the younger male, “let’s all go eat somewhere tonight, alright?”

“Yea, that sounds good,” Changmin replied. “Good luck,” he added before walking away.

With that, Yoochun stayed where he was at and bowed to the director walking up to him. ‘I wonder what Junsu’s doing,’ he said in his head just as the director began to explain to him what to do for the next scene.


"I’m coming!” Junsu exclaimed as the door to the apartment kept being continuously knocked. As he opened the door, the young male was shocked to see two familiar faces.

“Su!” the feminine looking male with big doe-like eyes exclaimed.

“J-Jae-hyung!” Junsu said in surprise and was soon enveloped into a big hug by the older male.

“How are you, Su? Did you miss us?”

“Of course I’ve missed you,” Junsu replied as the two parted. “What are you doing here, though?”

“We were on Jeju Island and decided to stop by and visit,” replied a lower voice from the taller male still at the door.

“Yunho-hyung!” Junsu exclaimed.

“What? No hug for me?” Yunho jokingly asked as he pouted.

The youngest of the three chuckled and stepped forward until the older male embraced him. “It’s good to see you again, hyung,” Junsu said.

“You too, Junsu,” Yunho said as they parted and softly patted the younger’s head.

“Well, come in, come in,” Junsu said as he extended an arm out, inviting the two males into the apartment. “You guys go ahead and take a seat in the living room while I get you something to drink,” he said as he walked into the kitchen.

“Where’s Yoochun?” Yunho asked as he took a seat beside Jaejoong on the love seat.

Junsu soon came in and replied as he handed the two males a glass of lemonade. “He’s at the movie set.”

“Oh? How’s it going so far?” Jaejoong asked.

Junsu took a seat across from the two older males and said in a not too excited voice, “I guess it’s going good.”

Noticing the younger male was unusually quiet, Jaejoong softly asked, “Su, what’s wrong?” No reply came and so he asked, “Is something going on between Yoochun and you?”

Junsu raised his feet from the floor and hugged them to his chest as he placed his chin on top his knees. “Hyung…I think…I think I’m going to ask Yoochun to break up with me,” the young male softly said.

Both Jaejoong and Yunho were instantly surprised and asked for a reason as to why Junsu would do that.

“A week ago,” the youngest softly spoke “I told Yoochun I wanted to come clean about our relationship…but he was against it. He said he’d lose his job, his parents would hate me and that the media would talk about how I seduced him.”

Small tears were already brimming Junsu’s eyes and Jaejoong swiftly stood up and sat next to Junsu to pull him into an embrace. “Come here, hun,” he softly said and felt the younger male grab a hold of his shirt.

“Is…is it so wrong, hyung?” Junsu asked in between his cries. “Is it so wrong to want to show that we love each other”

“No,” Jaejoong said as he tenderly rubbed the younger’s back. “Su, it’s not wrong.”

“T-then why? Why can’t we come clean?” Junsu asked as he continued to cry.

“You can come clean, Junsu,” the older male said as he gazed at his own lover across from them. “You just both have to be ready. Be ready to take on whatever insults come your way. Be prepared to have someone yell at you and be strong to fight back if necessary. You both have such a good relationship and you’re both strong. As long as you two support each other and take on whatever comes at you, together, then you’ll be fine. Things will be rocky at first but you have to let your love and your willpower pull through and you’ll be fine.”

Junsu took in the words that came out of the elder’s mouth and continued to shed tears. ‘Is our love strong enough?’ he wondered.


“So, how’s American life?” Yoochun asked the older couple sitting across from him at the table in ‘Rainbow Paradise’, a new restaurant that had just opened up.

“It’s fun,” Yunho replied.

“We live on a small beach house and it gives us a great view,” Jaejoong added with happiness clear in his voice.

“I want to live on a beach house,” Junsu softly said as he took a minute to imagine living with Yoochun beside the clear ocean water.

“If you lived by a beach you would spend the whole day in the water with your dolphin friends,” the youngest, Changmin jokingly said and every one of them laughed as they agreed that Junsu sometimes did make sounds like a dolphin.

“So, Yoochun, how’s the movie going?” the oldest of the five, Yunho, asked as he placed a slice of his steak on Jaejoong’s plate who thanked him with a smile.

‘I want Yoochun to do that to me in public,’ Junsu said in his mind as he witnessed the kind gesture between the two sitting opposite him.

“It’s okay so far,” Yoochun responded. “The director is nice and so is the staff.”

“That’s good,” Yunho said “Oh, boo,” he softly spoke, looking at the male beside him. “You’ve got something on you.”

Jaejoong kept still as Yunho raised his hand and with a thumb wiped away the slight smudge of sauce that was by the younger’s lips and only brought it to his own lips and sucked it off.

“So cute,” the five males faintly heard and turned to the direction from where the voice had come from.

Five pairs of eyes landed on a table with three teenage girls all squealed and squirmed it their seats when they realized the five good-looking guys were looking at them.

The three seemed to be discussing something between themselves and after a minute or so, they stood up and began to walk towards the table with the five males.

“Um…oppa,” one of the girls said as she stood in front of the table and directed her gaze on Yunho. “I’m sorry if I’m bothering you, bit would you happen to be U-Know Yunho from DBSK?”

Yunho simply nodded his head while smiling and the young teenagers squealed.

“And you’re Youngwoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun, right?” she added as she pointed to the other two males whom had also formed part of DBSK.

Jaejoong and Yoochun nodded and one of the girls said, “Oh my god, I was right.”

“Oppas, we just want to say that we’re fans,” the shortest of the three excitedly said, managing to get the attention of other people also in the restaurant.

“And just to let you know, we were some of the few who didn’t mind when you came clean,” added the tallest girl with glasses. “We were actually excited.”

“Oh, you’re still together, right?” the one who had spoken to Yunho first asked, gazing at the two oldest members, who in turn raised their entwined hands that had been on Yunho’s lap and smiled.

“You’re so cute together!” the three squealed and proceeded to asking for autographs and pictures.

As Junsu witnessed the scene taking place in front of him, he felt jealousy and envy. He saw how the two males ignored disgusted stares from other people in the restaurant and even ignored nasty remarks by whoever was passing by. The way they looked at each other and ignored any negative insults, they were truly in love and happy. Together, for their happiness, they ignored and did as they wished.

‘Will Yoochun and I ever be like that?’ Junsu wondered in his mind as he continued to gaze at Yunho and Jaejoong with jealousy.


“Yoochun-hyung, are you sure you want to do this?” came Changmin’s worried tone over the phone.

It was a bit after midnight and Yoochun was sitting in the living room while his lover was already asleep in their bedroom.

“Not a hundred percent,” Yoochun said into the phone. “But, didn’t you see Junsu while we were eating? There was jealousy and envy in his eyes and I know that he wishes that we could be like that."

There was a heavy sigh from the other line and Yoochun could imagine Changmin having a reluctant look on his face.

“All right, hyung,” the younger male’s voice was heard. “I’ll have everything set up tomorrow. You just get prepared for whatever the consequences are, okay?”

“Thanks, Min,” the young male on the couch said. “I really appreciate this. I’m nervous and scared about doing this, but I love Junsu and I’m wiling to give it a shot. And besides, if things go really bad, then Su and I can go live with Yunho-hyung and Jae-hyung.”

“Yah, hyung if you do go then you guys are taking me with you because I don’t want to left here alone,” came Changmin’s whining voice.

Yoochun chuckled and bid farewell to the younger one. As he closed his phone, he began to think about how things would end up the next day. Would he get fired from the movie? Would he be spit at when walking the streets? And Junsu…How would Junsu react to his decision? Would he be delighted and overjoyed or would he feel guilty for being a part of Yoochun’s career ending? No matter what could happen, he decided, he would not blame Junsu for anything. They love each other and they should have the chance to be together, no matter what…right?


Stretching his arms and legs out, Junsu could sense his lover was not in bed. “Yoochun,” he called out and received no reply. As he sat up, his fingers brushed against the older male’s pillow and Junsu found a small note with handwriting he recognized as the others’.

‘Su~ Good morning, baby! I’m sorry that I didn’t wake you but you just looked so comfortable sleeping. I have something to do this morning so I have to leave early but don’t worry! I have a feeling I’ll be getting home early so once I come home, let’s eat, okay?
I love you so much, Su and I’m really glad and thankful that you’ve put up with me for the past four years.
Love you, baby!

Junsu smiled at the cute note and felt his heart flutter at the way Yoochun could make him feel, even if it was simply by a note. After having read the note, the young male felt that it was a right thing not to ask Yoochun to break up with him. Though they couldn’t go out in public, they could still be together because they both loved each other.

Smiling to himself as he rose from bed, Junsu made his way to the bathroom to take a shower. Once he was clean and fresh, he made his way out of the restroom to take care of the daily chores. He cleaned the apartment, washed the dishes and went to the laundromat to clean their clothes.

Just as he had come back to the apartment with a bag of freshly washed clothes, Junsu’s cell rang and judging by the ring tone, ‘Miduhyo’ (first single from DBSK when they debuted), the young male knew who the caller was.

“Hey, Chunnie,” he said into the phone.

“Hey, Su,” came his boyfriend’s voice. “Listen, umm…I need you to stop whatever it is you’re doing and turn on the TV to SBS News.”

“O~kay~ Why?” Junsu asked as he made his way to the living room and turned on the TV. As he flipped through the channels he heard Yoochun speak to him.

“Su, I’m about to do something that could possibly ruin me,” the older male softly said over the phone. “But…I want to do it…so you can be happy…so we can be happy. After I’m done, I’ll go straight home, okay?”

Junsu, having found the correct channel sat on the couch and had heard everything Yoochun had said. “Okay,” he softly said. “I’ll be here, waiting for you”

“Junsu,” came Yoochun’s soft and loving voice, “I love you.”

The young male on the couch smiled and whole-heartedly responded. “I love you too, Yoochun.”


Taking in a deep breath, Yoochun walked out before numerous reporters and paparazzi. “Hello, I am Park Yoochun and I’d like to thank you all for being here this afternoon,” the young male said as he bowed and took a seat at the table in front of the press.

Reporters began to prepare a recorder or notepad while photographers got their cameras ready.

“The reason for this personal conference,” Yoochun began, “is that I would like to come clean about something. It may come as a shock to some of you, but I do kindly ask of you to please hear me out before you ask any questions.”

Accepting the silence as a hint to continue, Yoochun did so. “The first thing I would like to make clear is that I am not in any kind of intimate relationship with Miss Lee Young-hee. We are simply co-workers and will continue to be so for as long as the movie is worked on. I do know that certain pictures have surfaced up on the Internet of us exiting a restaurant together and holding hands but I have to make clear that they are not completely real. We have gone to a restaurant once or twice before but that was when the director, Kang Hyo-won, took the entire staff of the movie out to eat. Any pictures of Miss Lee and I holding hands are all false, most likely Photoshopped by fans.”

Pens wrote across paper, pictures were snapped, audio was being recorded and video was taken; every word that came out of Park Yoochun’s mouth was either recorded or saved to be used for the next day’s paper or was being streamed live for numerous news channel viewers to witness.

“The other thing that I want to come clear about is that I’m already in a relationship with someone and would like to ask that everyone please stop making up stories of me being in a relationship with any female acquaintances. I have someone I already love and I would never cheat on him,” Yoochun said with a special emphasis on the word ‘him’ which did not go unnoticed by the press.

Instantly hands shot up to ask a question and the young male sitting at the table adjusted the tie he wore and cleared his throat. Pointing at a woman whom he recognized was a reporter for SBS News, Yoochun gave her permission to ask her question.

“Mr. Park,” the woman said as she stood up from her seat with her notepad in hand, “you just said, quote and unquote, ‘and I would never cheat on him’. Are you meaning to say that your partner is a male and are therefore implying that you are involved in a homosexual relationship?”

As calmly as he could possibly muster up, though he was shaking on the inside, Yoochun replied, “Yes, I am.”

The woman from SBS shook her head, which Yoochun felt that it was because of disgust at the fact that two men were together, and then she sat down as numerous other hands shot back up.

Yoochun pointed to a man holding a reporter and said man stood up.

“Would you tell us the name of your partner?”

“Kim Junsu,” Yoochun replied and pointed to a different reporter.

“For how long have you two been together?”

“We have been a couple for at least four years now,” the young actor explained, “but we have known each other since our childhood and have been friends ever since.”

“Yoochun-ssi,” another reporter began when Yoochun pointed at him, “why now? Why now are you coming clean about being in a relationship that is looked down upon by our society when your career as an actor is just beginning?”

Reporters were quiet as they waited for an answer to the question that many of them were thinking of. Why would someone who is still working on his first debuting film as an actor, come clean about being in a homosexual relationship which is not fully accepted by everyone?

Yoochun slightly lowered his head and clasped his hands together on the table. ‘Well, at least they aren’t yelling at me,’ he thought and took a deep breath. Raising his head and looking straight on at the press, he answered with not a hint of dishonesty in his voice. “Because I love him and I want to give it a shot at being happy together without having to hide our love from anyone.”


After softly closing the door behind him, Yoochun made his way to the living room.

“Junsu?” he called out into the apartment when he didn’t find his lover in the living room. He went into the kitchen and out onto the balcony, but the younger male was nowhere in sight. “The bedroom,” Yoochun softly said as he guessed the next place Junsu would be at.

Making the way to the bedroom he had shared with his boyfriend for the past few years, Yoochun tried to calm down. After he had exited the hotel where the conference had taken place in, his father had called him and demanded for Yoochun to leave Junsu and go to Tokyo. How his parents, who were living in Japan, found out about his conference, he did not know. The young male strongly refused to do so and the only words his father told him before hanging up were, “You have a week to break up with that whore-,” to which Yoochun had rebutted with, “He’s not a whore!”, “and come to Tokyo to be with your mother and I. If you’re not here within a week, you can forget about being my son and I’ll never want to see your face again.”

For as long as Yoochun could remember, he'd never had a good relationship with his father. The latter was often away on business trips and so Yoochun spent most of his time with his mother and Junsu. Knowing his kind hearted mother, the young male knew that didn't think the same as his father. She had always proven that what she wanted was her son's happiness and she had even been the one to advice Yoochun to confess to Junsu.

“Junsu,” Yoochun said as he knocked on the bedroom door. “Junsu, I'm coming in.”

As he slowly opened the door, the young male could see Junsu sitting at the edge of their bed, back facing the door. He made his way to his lover and with his body standing in front of Junsu's sitting one, he softly said, “Su, love.”

In an instant, Junsu stood up and wrapped his arms around the older's waist. “Chunnie,” he said onto the latter's shirt.

The taller male returned the embrace and placed his chin on top of the smallers' head. Hearing a sniffle from the smaller male in his arms, he pulled away and looked at his boyfriend. “Baby, why are you crying?” he softly asked as he cupped the youngers' face and wiped away tears on Junsu's face.

“Chunnie,” Junsu whispered, “why?” Seeing confusion on the olders' face, he asked, “Why did you tell the media?”

“Because I love you, Junsu,” Yoochun said in a small voice. “I love you so much and I want you to be happy.”

“But what about your career? Aren't you afraid you'll get fired and get rejected at other places?”

Yoochun smiled at the fact that Junsu was still concerned about his career and replied. “Junsu, if you're willing to go up against people because of our relationship then I want to be there. At your side...fighting together for our love. It doesn't matter if I get fired.”

Junsu began to shed new tears as he was pulled into Yoochun's embrace once more.

“Su, do you know what Yunho-hyung said to me yesterday?” Yoochun asked.

“What?” came the smaller male's reply against the olders' chest.

“He told me, that him and Jae-hyung went through a lot of obstacles after confessing about their relationship,” Yoochun explained. “He said it was hard being rejected by companies who didn't want someone who was gay working for them. His parents even spit in his face when he brought Jae-hyung to his house. But, he didn't regret coming clean. He was finally able to hold Jae-hyungs' hand in public and he didn't have to hide it...Su...I love you so much and I want to give this a try. So, will you stay by my side and fight for our love, no matter what happens?”

There was silence between the two males until Junsu slightly pulled away and spoke. “Yes. I want to stay and fight with matter what happens.”

“I love you, Junsu,” Yoochun whole-heartedly said and was responded with an 'I love you too,' with equal emotion before he gently placed his lips over Junsu's, both of them willing to fight for their precious love.


As two males walked hand in hand down a street, people close by showed how they felt about a homosexual couple.

“Disgusting,” a small group of ahjummas said.

“They will burn in hell,” an old man thought out loud as he grunted.

“Why can't you hold my hand like those two? And they're so close,” one teenager asked her boyfriend who was walking two feet ahead of her.

“They look so good together!” a group of high school girls exclaimed as the couple passed by them.

“Yoochun,” Junsu said as he tugged on the tallers' shirt. “Some people are okay with us,” he said in an amused voice.

The older male simply smiled and swiftly placed a chaste kiss on Junsu's lips who in turn blushed.

As they continued walking along, they didn't care what people said. They ignored all rude comments and insults but smiled at each other when someone would praise them-either for looking good together or for taking the risk of being open about their relationship.

“Chun, what are we doing here?” Junsu asked as he was led into a small jewelry shop by the older male.

Yoochun smiled at his boyfriend and approached an employee. “Excuse me, may we see your couple rings?”

The female employee looked surprised at seeing two males holding hands in front of her but still showed the two to a glass counter. “These are the newest styles of couple rings we have,” she explained.

Junsu looked at Yoochun with surprise in his eyes. “We're...we're getting couple rings? Really?”

Yoochun felt his heart melt when he saw one of the brightest smiles on Junsu's face when he had answered the latter's question with a nod.

The younger male's eyes shone with glee as he looked at all the rings and when he saw some he liked, he kindly asked the employee to take them out to see.

Just as the employee was unlocking the glass counter, a loud voice rang throughout the small shop. “Everybody stay where you're at and don't move!”

Yoochun and Junsu turned around to face the entrance and saw three figures, all dressed in black, and all were holding a gun in their hands.

The younger male instantly clutched onto Yoochun's arm and was shaking in fear.

As one of the men dressed in black stepped forward to face the manager of the shop, the other two stayed in the center of the shop, threatening to shoot anyone who dared to move or speak.

Yoochun and his boyfriend could do nothing but stay still and witness as the leader of the thieves ordered the manager and employee to put all the money and the most expensive jewelry in a black duffel bag.

The couple let out a sigh when they saw the leader head to the door but took a large inhale of breath when said man stopped in his tracks and turned to face both of them. The leader slowly neared the two males and stood at least five feet in front of them.

“Hey,” he said, “aren't you that actor that was on the news yesterday? The fag one?”

Yoochun slowly nodded his head and tightened his hold on Junsu's hand.

“And this is your fag boyfriend, huh?” the thief added as he looked at Junsu from head to toe.

The male in black harshly spit on their faces and chuckled when he saw small tears on the smaller male's eyes. “You guys make me sick,” he said as he took his hand holding a gun and placed it level to Junsu's heart. “You should go to hell,” he whispered in a menacing voice and fired.


Mwahaha!!! Cliff-hanger!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! LOL. There is a short second part to this but I'll post it later.

Tags: fanfic, genre: angst, genre: romance, length: oneshot, pairing: yoosu
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