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Here is another Yoosu oneshot. It's very short compared to my last one. It's angsty, too. Comments=LOVE

‘The hottest news these days are of Park Yoochun, current actor and ex-member of the once popular trio, DBSK. Recent pictures posted on the Internet show Mr. Park side by side with fellow actress Lee Young-hee. The two are currently working on a new movie, said to be released in a few months. The movie is being directed by the ever popular Kang Hyo-won.

Pictures show Mr. Park and Miss Lee side by side and even holding hands. They have been seen eating together at a couple of the regions’ most popular restaurants. So far no pictures of them cuddling or showing intimate affections have been taken, but can we conclude that the two are much more than just co-workers? Are they in a love relation-’

           The young male sitting on a leather couch had finally had enough and he turned off the TV. Glancing to the clock on the wall, he could see it was already past midnight and his secret lover and boyfriend still wasn’t home.

           Just as he stood to go to the bedroom, a jingle of keys at the door stopped him.

           As the door was pushed open, he was met by the familiar face of his boyfriend.

           “Su, I’m home.”

           “Welcome back, Yoochun.”

           Yoochun strode through the short hallway until he was right in front of Junsu. Placing a chaste kiss on the younger male’s lips, he wrapped his arms around the other’s waist. “Sorry I was late, Su,” he said. “But the director wanted to take everybody out for a small dinner and you know I can’t say no to him.”

           As the two separated from their embrace, the smaller one looked down to the floor and asked, “Was she there?”


           “That Lee woman,” Junsu answered, sounding slightly annoyed.

           “Junsu, of course she was there,” Yoochun responded. “She’s the main character of the movie, of course she had to be there.”

           Silence expanded throughout the room until the older male spoke.

           “Su, you don’t have to be jealous. I’ve told you there’s nothing going on between her and I. We’re just co-workers.”

           “But, Chunnie, there’s even pictures of you two holding hands,” Junsu said.

           “Babe, I’m sure it’s just some fans using Photoshop or something to make the pics look like that,” Yoochun replied. “I can’t help it, okay? They think I’m single and since they see me with her, they think we’re together.”

           “Well then tell them!” Junsu exclaimed.

           “Tell them what?”

           “Tell them you’re not single! Tell them you already have someone.”

           “But Su, what about when they try to figure out who I’m with?” the older asked. “The media already knows of you living with me-”

           “But they think we’re only friends!”

           Junsu was already on the verge of tears and he kept telling himself in his mind not to cry.

           “They only think of us as friends right now but if I told them I was in a relationship with someone, they’ll most likely start saying crap about us being together,” Yoochun explained.

           “You…you think what we have is ‘crap’, Yoochun?” Junsu silently asked.

           The older male realized what he had said and instantly regretted it when he saw small, silent tears fall from his boyfriends’ eyes. “Su, I didn’t mean it like that,” Yoochun said as he took the smaller male back into his arms again. “It’s just that they would start making up lies like that you seduced me into turning gay or that you’re just with me for my money. They wouldn’t talk about how you take care of me when I’m down or how you’re my inspiration to keep going on.”

           “But Chun,” Junsu whined, “I don’t care what they say of me being a gold-digger or a slut. I don’t care. I just…I just want to be able to walk down the streets holding your hand. I just want to be able to hear you admit  that you’re in a relationship with me.”

           “What about me, Junsu?” Yoochun asked the younger male. “What about me, Su? Once they find out that I’m gay, they will despise me. I will lose my job and nobody will accept me. My parents will be disappointed with me and they might even hate you. I won’t be able to get a proper job and we’ll probably be run out of this place.”

           “Yoochun, you’re exaggerating,” Junsu said. “They wouldn’t do all that.”

           “Junsu, yes they will. Do you not remember the reason why DBSK broke apart? Do you not remember the many fans that stopped supporting the group when Yunho-hyung and Jaejoong-hyung confessed that they were a couple? Look at them now! They’re in America! You know that this country does not approve of this kind of relationship. Is that what you want? Do you want to be spit at by everyone who passes by you? Do you want to have to leave your family here and go to America, where they’re more lenient and be away from your home country? Huh? Is that what you want?

           Junsu was currently on his knees and crying nonstop into his hands.

           Seeing no answer coming from the younger male, Yoochun let out a sigh. “I’m tired,” he said. “Please…please be patient, Su. Until our kind of relationship is better approved of, then we’ll talk about showing them we’re together. For now…just drop it.” He heaved a sigh and added, “I’m going to go sleep.” With that, Junsu was left by himself while the older male went to their bedroom.

           ‘All I want is to be able to be at your side,’ Junsu said in his mind. ‘All I want is to be able to tell everyone that I love you and that you love me back. Can I ever have that? Can I ever have what I want?’

           The young male laid his body on the cold floor as tears kept falling.

           “All I want is to be with you,” he whispered into the apartment, but it was not heard by the one it was meant for.

Tags: genre: angst, length: oneshot, pairing: yoosu
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