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Hello to those who actually read my journal. Even though I'm certain I don't know any of you in real life, only by the Internet, I still want to share some news here because I have made a couple of friends thanks to LJ.

Yesterday, two Army officials came to my house to inform my family and I, that my brother who had been sent to Afghanistan was shot. A single bullet to the chest ended my brothers' life and while on route to a medical facility, he passed away.

My brother was a good person, always smiling and he never complained, not like the rest of us. He teased me alongside my other brothers but didn't judge me even after he knew what kind of stories I wrote. Instead he said it was okay, to each their own. He told me that if writing what I wrote made me happy to continue doing it, and to one day even aim at publishing my works. 

Though he is gone from this world, his spirit and memory will always live on. I will always miss my dear brother and his smiles and hope that the day that I learn this harsh reality comes soon and not too far away, so that I can continue to live on, for him.

Thank you to those of you who might read this.

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